Here our fork lift is loading pallets into our dry kiln, prior to heat treating the pallets.
Wood pallets and wooden pallets are placed into our heat treating equipment.
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  Here is one of our kiln dry buildings where all the pallets and lumber is kiln dried.  
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Heat Treating Pallets or Kiln Drying Pallets & Delivering lumber, pallets or anything you need delivered via our trucking company. heat treating services and kiln drying pallets kiln building
firing kiln Here our truck in delivering a lumber product for one of our happy customers. heat treating furnace
Welcome to one of the top Kiln dry companies in the southeast. Kiln driers are now required to treat wooden pallets. Starting as a lumber company and moving into the pallets business that also offers shipping creates world-wide.  Starting with quality lumber that is placed in a dry kiln to remove pest and insects. Kiln drying wooden pallets, hardwood and lumber is how you treat lumber to meat pallet regulations and kill pest and insects to meet regulations. This is why treating pallets is now required.
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In 1946 William Yancey Ellis cleared off a cotton field and built a shed to house a planer mill. As one of the first local lumber yards in Cleveland County, North Carolina, Ellis supplied high quality lumber and hardware to local residences.

In the early 1950's the first dry kiln was installed to kiln dry hardwood and pine lumber. In 1958 a wood preserving plant was installed to treat lumber. Two more kilns where installed over the next 10 years.

Due to regulation changes in pallets and shipping crates world-wide, Ellis Lumber Company has now transitioned into one of the largest dry kilns for wooden pallets in the South Eastern Region. Ellis Lumber one of the best kiln dry companies in the South Eastern Region.

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